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GWDB Reports & Briefs (download Word viewer for free or download Adobe Acrobat for free)

2001 State of the Workforce (PDF document, 990KB)
2003 State of the Workforce
(PDF document, 2.2MB)
(Word document, 1.8MB)
10-Year Plan to End Homelessness:  December 2005 (PDF document)
Annual Report Maryland Workforce Investment Act Title 1-B Program Year 2004: September 2005 (PDF document, 2.3MB)
Aerospace Industry Initiative Post Summit Report and Plan of Action (PDF document, 1.2MB)
Aerospace Steering Committee Monograph (PDF document, 1.3MB
AIAA Roundtable Discussion on the Aerospace Workforce (PDF document)
AIA - House Approves Aerospace Workforce Legislation (PDF document, 17KB)
Community Audit Report: December 2003 (PDF document, 1.3MB)
Demand-Driven Two-Year Workforce Investment Plan: November 2007
Education Industry Initiative Symposium Program (PDF document, 203KB)
Final Report to the General Assembly on the Maryland Workforce Development System: June 2004
GWDB Newsletters
Goals and Critical Success Factors: September 2006
Governor's Healthcare Workforce Summit Monograph (PDF document, 664KB)
Healthcare Summit 2003
Healthcare Workforce Grant Information
Higher Education: Federal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Programs and Related Trends. GAO-06-114, October 12 (PDF document)
Highlights (PDF document)
Hospitality and Tourism Industry Monograph 2007 (PDF document, 4.6MB)
Hospitality and Tourism Plan of Action Report:  June 2007 (Word document, 135KB)
Hospitality and Tourism Post Summit Report: January 2007 (PDF document, 1.5MB)
Hospitality and Tourism Summit Program (PDF document, 1.1MB) (Word document, 7.8MB)
Industry Initiative Comprehensive Process Guide: September 2006 (PDF document, 1.1MB)
Industry Initiative Executive Summary: September 2006 (PDF document, 1MB)
Industry Initiative Update:
March 2007 (PDF document, 459KB)
September 2006 (PDF document, 96KB)
Manufacturing: A Living Industry in Continuous Transformation - A Report from the Manufacturing Steering Committee
(PDF document, 209KB)
(Word document, 586KB)
Maryland Bioscience Workforce Report and Recommendations (PDF document, 660KB)
The Maryland Public Workforce Development System Chart:  2003 (PDF document, 1MB)
Maryland Workforce Information Directory 2004:  February 2004 (PDF document, 1MB)
Maryland's Aging Workforce: September 2007 (PDF document, 136KB)
Maryland's Construction Industry Workforce Report
(PDF document, 264KB)
(Word document, 893KB)
Maryland's Education Industry:  October 2007 (PDF document, 225KB)
Marylandís Health Information Technology Workforce Task Force Report and Findings (PDF document, 225KB)
Maryland's Information Technology Workforce Report and Recommendations
(Word document, 236KB)
(PDF document, 303KB)
"Maryland - The State of Aerospace and Defense" Brochure (PDF document, 223KB)
Military Personnel and Spouses Spouses Relocating to Maryland:  August 2004 (PDF document, 1.5 MB)
MSDE's Adult Education Panel Activities: July 2005
Norm Augustine Report to Congress (PDF document, 76KB)
Solutions for Maryland's Future:  March 2007 (PDF document, 117KB)
Step Program - Maryland Steps Up for Working Parents:  December 2002 (PDF document, 323KB)
TAPPING AMERICA'S POTENTIAL - The Education for Innovation Initiative (PDF document, 261KB)
U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science Hearing Charter (PDF document, 231KB)
User Guide to Maryland's Public Workforce System: August 2006 (Word document, 195KB)
Where the Jobs are -- Continuing Growth of Federal Job Opportunities Report (PDF document, 1.2MB)